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The Search Engine Honesty (SEH) website discussed issues of fairness and net neutrality surrounding search engines. More specifically the question is whether search engines are more like publishers or common carriers. Do search engines have a publisher's free-speech rights to use secret criteria to arbitrarily select  which web sites to include and what ranking to give them or are search engines more like a phone company or Internet service provider and should be required to provide fair and equal access to web sites based on transparent public ranking criteria? Is a search engine a machine that acts as a connection aid as opposed to a human-generated publication? SEH provided arguments and evidence supporting the idea that a search engine is a connection aid in essentially the same way as a telephone directory and should be considered a common carrier.

However, much of the material carried on SEH is now out-of-date and so Azinet has decided to take down this site.

You may be interested in some other public projects provided by Azinet:

Our Seekon Regional Directory provides local directory listings of web sites in more than 10,000 cities and towns in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. This human-reviewed directory is similar in format to the now-defunct Yahoo and Open Directory but provides very low-cost and rapid-response listing services for local-interest sites.

Gerontology and Aging Theories:  is a venue for discussions about the different biological aging theories and their implications for health and medicine.

Programmed-Aging Info provides extensive information and links to further educational material regarding aging theories and especially programmed aging.

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