About Search Engine HonestyTM

We (Azinet LLC) are a small company consisting of a few people that have been building and operating web sites since 1995.  At some time or another we have had a web site "banned" by all three major search engines.  As a result we have accumulated a lot of information about search engines in general and, unfortunately, search engine censoring in particular.  This site is part of our effort to share this information with other web site developers as well as search engine users and others interested in free access to Internet information.

As we are involuntarily in a position to testify, search engine censoring is not just a problem for web spammers and Chinese dissidents.  For spammers, search engine suppression is a recognized cost of doing business.  They budget for the need to replace web site domain names discovered and blocked by search engines in the endless spam wars.  The dissidents are in a somewhat similar situation.  The dissident web publishers and their readers are all too aware that censoring can and does occur.

The hidden victims of web censoring are the legitimate providers of Internet information (like us) and the people who depend on major search engines for access to that information (like all of us).  Many web publishers and most readers are unaware of the web censoring problem.  This site is for them.

Fairness and Accuracy: We want this site to be fair and accurate.  If you are an employee of a major search engine and consider that any material on this site is incorrect or inaccurate, please let us know. Include some method for verifying your employment; we will not reveal personal details without permission.


Ted Goldsmith
President, Azinet LLC
March, 2006

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